Dear YCTC community and friends,

We understand that current directives from national, state, and local governments have created substantial challenges for everyone in our community as communities nationwide struggle with the COVID-19 outbreak.  Our primary mission is to help children and families in our community thrive.  Our partnership with YCSD means that many of our programs have been disrupted by school closures, but we are working with the district and with our partners in the community to support current community assistance and bring essential programs back as soon as possible with you and your family's safety and well-being in mind.

With schools closed statewide until the end of April, and without word from league boards on cancellations or changes to sporting seasons, we are happy to work with those of you who have paid fees for spring sports programs and would like refunds, deferrals, or other accommodations.  We know that our sports programs provide kids in our community with valuable physical exercise, leadership experience, and teamwork skills as they grow.  We will resume sports as soon as we have access to sporting grounds and practice spaces—in fact, we would love to expand programs over the summer to include all ages so that families can get out in the community and kids can enjoy being kids again.   Please check back with us and if you have any questions please email

- YCTC Board and Staff


JBO is still trying to have this year's 2020 season. since games do not start until mid May. They are seeing where we will be mid April ... We will keep you updated with more information as we hear. If you have any question please email the office


We are sad to announce the cancellation of the 2019-2020 CEVA season. 
Please be patient with us, we're working with CEVA and YCTC.  At this time, CEVA will refund YCVBC some of our registration fees for Power League.  
Refunds are unclear at this time, once we know we will let everybody know.
Once we know more we will let everybody know.  If you have any questions please email

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