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The Work Experience Program is a cornerstone of the Yamhill Carlton summer programs for local youth. The youth are offered work placement opportunities in these programs, along with service opportunities at the city pool, the school’s free lunch program, the local food bank, the Blessing Room (free household/ personal items offered by a local church), the community garden, the City of Carlton, the City of Yamhill, the YC School District, and other local businesses. 


The goals of YCTC’s Summer Youth Work Experience Programs are to serve 100 youth by: Providing affordable opportunities for youth and their parents to participate in social activities and programs; Teaching youth the job skills they need to enter the workforce; Increasing the number of Developmental Assets that our youth experience; Providing wages (enabling youth to purchase school clothes and supplies etc.); Providing drug and alcohol-free activities for local youth and an opportunity for dissemination of prevention messages; supporting our community partners in their efforts to serve youth and families.

Youth Work Experience (YWE) provides opportunities for youth to gain work experience and strengthen their skills in order to be more successful when applying for jobs after high school. YWE employees will be scheduled in various areas of the community helping to clean up and brighten our community and the eclectic local businesses throughout. YWE workers will also team up with the Cafeteria, Library, and Cougar Club at Yamhill Carlton Elementary assisting the leads in those areas with providing food services and engaging spaces for youth and families. Free Kids camp in the Carlton Upper Park and Beulah City Park is a place where kids and families of all ages can come to play and socialize with their peers in a safe and fun atmosphere.

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