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Creating opportunities to empower and strengthen our community


To develop a strategic, significant and sustainable platform which provides maximum effectiveness in the implementation of all plans, programs and policies of YCTC


Yamhill Carlton Together Cares, Inc. (formerly known as Carlton Together Cares) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1998 as a grassroots based approach to serving critical needs in the greater Carlton and Yamhill areas.  YCTC develops programs for youth and families in the Carlton and Yamhill area.  The majority of our time, energy and funds are focused on providing youth with useful roles in the community, safe and healthy activities to participate in, and good role models.   In the early years, community and school attachment, alternative youth activities and drug and alcohol prevention were the primary focus of the non-profit.  Grant funding, donations and fundraising have always been of critical importance, as no tax dollars are used for these local services.  In spring of 2013 a two town planning committee was formed to research a potential legal merger between CTC, YCRC (Yamhelas Community Resource Center) and Yamhill Carlton Athletic Teams (YCATS).  Improved efficiency and business practices, a reduction in duplicate services and one-stop location for parents was the primary intention.  Following 13 months of dedicated work, this merger was approved in June 2014.  On July 1st 2014, Yamhill-Carlton Together Cares was formed!  


The success of YCTC starts with efforts by local citizens to make a difference in our community.  Grants have come and gone, programs have been adjusted based on need and budget, but our volunteer base remains our strength.  Yamhill Carlton Together Cares ability to impact our community and produce social change is based on this commitment.


The Internal Revenue Service recognizes Yamhill Carlton Together Cares as a Section 501(c)(3) public charity.  Gifts to YCTC are tax deductible. Our federal tax # is 93-1238819. Visit our Guidestar profile to learn more about Yamhill Carlton Together Cares finances. All financial statements are available upon request.

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